Cranberries for your hair and Avocado: the perfect combination for hair health in Valquer's solid shampoo. Cranberry extract is rich in vitamins, amino acids, fruit acids and natural antioxidants capable of neutralizing the action of free radicals and has, in addition, stimulating and revitalizing activity for the hair. This ingredient contains all essential oils in micellar suspension, mineral salts and trace elements. And due to its physical and chemical composition, it helps to restore homeostatic balance and constitutes an essential moisturizing element. Together with avocado extract, it provides an unbeatable formulation for hair treatment. The latter is a fruit rich in vitamins, whose topical application helps to maintain the natural functions of the skin and hair, and facilitates its normalization when there have been alterations due to various causes. Also, Valquer's solid shampoos are the first soap-free, vegan and unique on the market. Join the Zero Waste movement with our innovative plastic-free solid shampoos! Excellent ecological development that brings beauty to the hair without giving up the benefits of liquid shampoo. How to use it? Wet your hair and the shampoo bar with water. Rub the bar directly on damp hair until you get the desired foam Wash your scalp by massaging gently Rinse well Store your bar in a dry place for conservation What are its advantages? Totally respectful with the environment. 100% reduction of plastic in its packaging Reduction of CO2 in its transport. 100% recyclable packaging. Very practical to use and transport: they can be carried on the plane and no leaks in your suitcase. Its long duration makes Valquer solid shampoo have an excellent value for money.

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