La Chinata Baby Moisturizing Lotion is elaborated from our best Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil and enriched with other natural ingredients and plant extracts like olive leaf, as well as thermal waters, which cares for baby's skin. Its formula contains a base of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil that repairs the skin's barrier function and is a powerful natural moisturiser. Similarly, olive leaf extract is photoprotective, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, purifying and antimicrobial. Thermal waters, in turn, soothe and soften particularly sensitive or reddened skin, and white flower and plant extracts have a purifying and antiseptic action. The result is healthier, velvety skin. For proper use, apply the product to dry skin and massage until completely absorbed. We recommend applying La Chinata Baby Bath Gel before bathing in order to achieve better results, thus obtaining a skin free of irritations and deeply moisturised.

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