La Chinata 24 Hours Facial Moisturizing Cream has a high content of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that, in addition to moisturizing and softening the skin of the face, gives us the antioxidants necessary to slow the signs of aging. Its formula contains hydromanyl, which is a long-acting natural moisturizing complex that maintains the necessary level of water on the skin throughout the day. In addition, it is enriched with hydrolyzed collagen and moisturizing factor, an active based on moisturizing salts, amino acids and proteins of natural origin. This moisturizer is ideal for those with dry or mature skin, because it acts immediately on the structure of the skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated instantly. We recommend applying it in the morning and at night on clean skin, doing a gentle massage until its complete absorption. And remember, the secret of healthy skin, is a hydrated skin all day long.

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