Helps to heal scars and reduce their pigmentation Indicated for the dermatological care of post-scar cutaneous areas. A hypertrophic scar, what's that? A hypertrophic scar is a permanent change in the appearance of the skin as a result of damage repaired with collagen. The symptoms of this scarring process include itching, hyperaesthesia (tingling sensation), pain and/or incapacity.

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After an accident, surgery, sutured wound or burn, the skin needs to re-establish the dermis and decrease the risks of improper scarring.

Cicapost helps repair post-scar tissue, improves elasticity, evens out skin tone and controls the itching of scars.

Cicapost promotes recovery of the sensitive skin after irritations and hypodermic alterations with its formula featuring dexpanthenol and madecassic acid with a highly cosmetic texture.

How to use: Apply to clean skin 3 times daily with a gentle massage until fully absorbed. Do not apply to open wounds.


Rosehip oil and vitamin E acetate.

Centella asiatica triterpenes and glycerin.



Sodium dextran sulphate